Owen High School football player reading to students

The Black Mountain area is bursting at the seams with Warhorse spirit. Everywhere you look, you will see a community that supports its students. 

Football players from Charles D. Owen High School took some time out of a school day to visit their youngest fans on Friday, September 29th. The athletes read the book “Do Unto Otters” to the kindergarten - third graders at Black Mountain Primary School. For the younger students, it was a very special moment. 

“High School students reading to the primary school students left a powerful impact for all,” said Principal Kelly Owen. “The younger children were able to see that reading is valued by the high school students. The football players felt proud to be so revered by our younger kids. They gave autographs, hugs, and high fives. They enjoyed the experience so much they asked to come back again.”

For a few of the players, it was the first time in years returning to their old stomping grounds. Teachers couldn’t get over what upstanding young men their former students have become. 

“Seeing our little ones grow into such fine young men is an honor and a precious opportunity for staff,” Ms. Owen said. “The football players and teachers were proud to share with the students about how they once walked the very same halls.”

Ms. Owen says this is just the beginning of more opportunities for the community to show support to all the students in the Owen district.

“Our Title 1 Teacher Rachel Austin has a plan to create Annual Events at the Primary School that are in a series highlighting ‘What it Means to be a Warhorse,’” she said. “It is important that our community comes together to raise the young men and women of the Valley. Giving opportunities for our families and students to positively impact one another builds a stronger, safer, happier community.”