Academically / Intellectually Gifted Education

What do gifted services look like?     

Problem Solvers- 

The “Problem Solvers” program is for grades 1 and 2.  This is a nurturing program for young children who demonstrate a potential need for AIG services. Problem Solvers is not an official AIG placement and groups should be flexible based on student need. Problem Solver groups meet most weeks for at least 30 minutes. The curriculum emphasis is on higher order problem solving and information processing that build upon the child’s existing strengths and abilities. 

Grades 1-2 Problem-Solver Goals 

  • Make appropriate use of activities which extend manipulation, experimentation, and application 

  • Develop reasoning skills through logic and problem solving activities 

  • Begin to develop a sensitivity to language and an awareness of the functions of words and figurative expressions as they contribute to the appreciation of quality literature 

  • Develop skills of independent, critical, and creative thinking skills 

Talent Development-

Buncombe County Schools has an enrichment program in 3rd grade called Talent Development. According to the 2022-2025 BCS AIG Plan (approved by our Board of Education), students can be recommended for Talent Development groups by their teachers at the end of the 2nd grade year and/or by their 3rd grade teachers throughout the school year. A variety of data will be used for these recommendations. AIG Specialists and classroom teachers will review data to identify students who are performing well above grade level. In addition to Talent Development pull out groups, AIG Specialists will collaborate with the classroom teacher to provide differentiation for all advanced learners.  Students receive enrichment through the Talent Development Program for a minimum of 45 consecutive minutes weekly.  (BCS AIG Plan, 2022-2025)

Grades 3 Talent Development Goals-Gain awareness of themselves as individuals who have unique academic and social-emotional needs.

  • Engage in meaningful work that strengthens independent, critical, and creative thinking skills.

  • Foster independence in identifying and solving meaningful problems.

  • Articulate thoughts and ideas effectively in increasingly complex contexts.

  • Think critically about humankind and demonstrate social responsibility in a global community.

  • Collaborate effectively with diverse teams to accomplish a common goal.

  • Commit to learning as a lifelong process and demonstrate accountability for one’s own learning.

 If you have questions about our  Problem Solvers or Talent Development programs, please contact Mrs. Marcia Tucci.