Black Mountain Primary Students SPOT Bugs

Black Mountain Primary’s (BMP) SPOT program - Speech and Occupational Therapy - focused this month on bugs, delighting students with caterpillar arts and crafts, insect puppetry, and delicious “dirt worms” (oreo, pudding, and gummy worms). 

The program uses a center-based format, allowing students around ten minutes at various centers set up for educational, literacy, or sensory opportunities. 

“We love how much fun they have, and how much growth we have seen in them participating in these monthly groups over this past school year!” said Buncombe County Schools Occupational Therapist Adrenne Alsum. 

Students have been learning about insects in BMP’s Life Science curriculum - about how they change over time, about living and nonliving things, and even observing the life cycle of a class caterpillar. Therefore, integrating bugs into the SPOT program was a perfect fit. 

“The SPOT groups are an enrichment opportunity that add to their existing curriculum to provide opportunities to practice using language and communication skills, take turns, and try new things,” said Ms. Alsum. 

Students at BMP, and across BCS, are given opportunities like the SPOT program so that they, too, can grow, adapt, and spread their wings.