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Our First Day- What to expect

Posted by Ashley Styles at 8/7/2014
Our first day will be an emotional journey filled with hugs and tears, smiles and laughter. To help you and your student feel more comfortable I thought I might let you know what to expect. So when you enter the room there will be a few things you need to know, like "Where do I put my Backpack?" "Where do all my supplies belong?", and "What to do now?" Well here we go, step by step... our day will start by unpacking.
  1. Unpacking: Each student will have a hook under the loft for their bags and jackets.Now what?
  2. Lunch Choice: Now you need to let us know what you are going to eat for lunch. This is by the front door on the side of the loft above the lunch box shelf. You will take your name and place it on the choice you want to eat. If you have a lunch box your tag will go on the lunch box tag of course!
  3. Eat Breakfast: This is an optional task. If you have already eaten at home you might not want to eat again. But if you are hungry, you will walk to the sink and wash your hands. Then you will go to the cafeteria and enjoy a quick breakfast. After breakfast you will clean your spot and find your working seat.
  4. Morning Work: At your working seat you will find a bucket in the middle of the table filled with your morning work. This will be some of the same things each day, and sometimes fun new things appear. The bucket will always have a math journal! This is something you will do everyday in Kindergarten. You will also find a clear jar with some objects in it. This is the counting jar. You will count what is in the jar and record what you find in your math journal.
  5. Pledge: While at your working seat you will hear a bell ring. We know that this means to be quiet and listen, because the morning announcements will be on soon. During the announcements we will say the Pledge of Allegiance with the whole school. (This is really kinda cool!) After the announcements we will make sure you are finished with your morning jobs and then play the carpet time song. As soon as you hear the carpet time song (Good Morning) you will clean up your table and meet me at the carpet for morning message!  

I am really excited to get to spend this special time with you and hope this will help make your morning a bit less stressful! We will be ready to help in case you forget, and don't worry about knowing it all because we will practice and pretty soon you'll do it without thinking!