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Essential Standards
Forces and Motion: Understand the positions and motions of objects and organisms observed in the environment. 
Matter, Properties, and Change:  
Understand how objects are 
described based on their 
physical properties and how 
they are used. 
Earth Systems, Structures and Processes: 
Understand change and 
observable patterns of weather 
that occur from day to day and
throughout the year. 
Structures and Functions of Living Organisms: 
Compare characteristics of 
animals that make them alike 
and different from other animals 
and nonliving things. 
First Grade 
Forces and Motion: Understand how forces (pushes or pulls) affect the motion of an object.
Earth in the Universe: Recognize the features and patterns of the earth/moon/sun system as observed from Earth.
Earth Systems, Structures, and Processes: Understand the physical properties of Earth materials that make them useful in different ways. 
Ecosystems: Understand characteristics of various environments and behaviors of humans that enable plants and animals to survive. 
Molecular Biology:  Summarize the needs of living organisms for energy and growth. 
Second Grade 
Forces and Motion:  Understand the relationship between sound and vibrating objects. 
Matter, Properties, and Change: Understand properties of solids and liquids and the changes they
Earth Systems, Structures, and Processes:  Understand patterns of weather and factors that affect weather. 
Structures and functions of Living Organisms: Understand animal life cycles. 
Evolution and Genetics: Remember that organisms differ from or are similar to their parents based on the characteristics of the organism. 
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