Virtual Learning

Once virtual learning begins, here are some important things you will need to know: -SeeSaw will be our main learning management system. It is important for students to remain logged in on their student ipads to complete assignments and that parents also connect on their personal devices to be able to communicate with me and see important updates. (directions for all of this are in your student's take home kit) -On SeeSaw, I will be sending out a daily morning message. This daily morning message will either come in the form of a written announcement or a video message. -The morning message will be posted by 9am everyday and it will tell you the couple of things you should do that particular day. -All daily SeeSaw activities will also be posted every morning before 9am. -Students should be very familiar with finding and completing these SeeSaw activities but just as a reminder: 1.Open SeeSaw app on student ipad 2.Click the activities button on the right side with the light bulb 3.Click green add button under the assignment 4.Select student name if needed 5.Once activity is complete, click green check in the upper right corner to send it off to me! -There is no official "due date" for these activities but I would like for each student to try to get each daily assignment completed within that same day. -My office hours are from 9am to 1pm. During these hours, I will be completely available if you need advice, guidance, or help with anything at all. -You may also contact me via email at