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John Gibson:  Physical Education Specialist 

Welcome parents, students and anyone else checking out the best school in the county... ok, maybe even the state.
  I've been teaching at Black Mtn. Primary since 1988 and have lived in this community even longer and I wouldn't live anywhere else!
   About our Phys. Educ. program:
Black Mountian Primary School provides its students with a well balanced and developmentally appropriate physical education program, whereby students are made to feel successful in the five major components of the N.C. Standard Course of Study for Physical Education. The five major components are: games and sports, recreational dance, stunts and tumbling, basic movement and a health and personal fitness component. 
  All students receive at least one 45 minute structured physical education class per week with a state certified physical education specialist... me, and in addition at least 120 minutes of structured physical activity per week.  The teacher to student ratio in all physical education and physical activity periods is such that all students are kept "active" for at least 60 to 75% of the time they are in class. Resting times are used for further instruction, relaxation and other health related teaching including "body" facts, and for student questions.  Students are tested at least twice a year in the areas of upper body strength, abdominal strength, flexibility and cardio/respiratory fitness.
  Students along with their parents and families are also encouraged to be active outside the school setting. They are made aware of the many conference centers in the area that have numerous hiking trails, basketball courts, tennis courts and swimming pools as well as activity programs for children and their families.  The Black Mountain Parks and Recreation Department also has sports and fitness facilities and provides programs for youth and adults. 
Students of all ability levels are served in our program. We adapt test, sports and activities to meet the state goals and objectives while being mindful of their special needs. Modified equipment, use of teaching assistants, PT's, OT's and teaming of other students with our special needs students are used during classes.
  We maintain two playgrounds for the use of our students.  Their design accounts for proper boundaries and surfaces, age appropriate equipment and safe distances from bike and automobile traffic.  Our play areas are open to use by the community and local colleges.
Professional development, continuing education and workshop opportunities are made available to me and any other teacher who wishes to attend them.

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