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The NED show- Character building and social skills- for parents and professionals

The NED Show® produced by All for KIDZ®, Inc., is an innovative, character education assembly.
Using humor, storytelling, audience participation and amazing object lessons including yo-yo and magic tricks students learn through the adventures of NED, a character kids (and adults) can relate to.
His name is an acronym for: Never Give Up
                                               Encourage Others
                                               Do Your Best
® The NED Program uses a multi-sensory learning model to motivate, encourage and inspire students to become Champions at school and in life.
Great site for free handouts!  
 Great speech practice handouts, information, and pictures for a variety of activities!

February - Speech at home

This is a great resource of speech activities your child can do at home.
It also gives great information age level expectations. 

October- Hearing Impaired Information

Marvel Creates Hearing-Disabled Superhero With Children's Hearing Institute in New York

Bullying- Social Story to Assist in Bullying: Help your child learn about preventing bullying.

Speaking of Speech

This website has many excellent speech and language worksheets for articulation, social stories, theme related bingos, picture symbols, and cooking activities, you can practice at home with your child. Click on Materials Exchange for worksheets.


This website provides cute stories and songs that focuses on  phonics and reading, through music and animations.

Communication Connects

This website is dedicated to providing practical, useable information for speech/language pathologists, educators, and parents.


Touchchat app Support

TouchChat app is a friendly and useful app for students who need a way to communicate via a tablet (ipad series or androids). This is the link to get support on how to use and program. 

The Nova Chat Series

This is a new voice output device that is for students who do not have a way to consistently verbally communicate.  They are now often being funded by Medicaid and most insurances. It has various devices that are built on tablets, have built in handles and speakers. Talk to your child's physician and have them evaluated by a medical speech therapist if you are interested.

Prentke Romich Company

This website has an overview of their communication devices (voice output devices) and their products.
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TobiiDynavox and Mayer Johnson Company

This website has an overview of their communication (voice output) devices, Boardmaker products,  and other educational/communication products.