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Jolie Atkins

Hi, I am Jolie Atkins, the Art Teacher at Black Mountain Schools.  My goal here is to provide each student with a well-rounded arts education.  It is important to channel learning and interests about themselves and the world into a creative and interactive medium.  Art helps students to grow and develop concepts.  It adds to their academic experience at school by integrating their other subjects for full circle learning.  We are focused on global learning by incorporating art influences from many cultures in the world.  Technology in the Art Room enhances students' learning in the 21st century.

Parkway with Tyler image
Let the beauty of the community around us be your inspiration!!  In our Art Room, we are inspired by nature and we try to be good environmental stewards by lightening our carbon footprint.  We practice the 3 R's:  Reducing our waste, Reusing old/found materials to make art, and Recycling only if we can't salvage what we are working on.  The Art Department is a major contributor to our NC Green Schools program by meeting many of its standards!
 Community Map
 2nd Grade Community Maps Collage
Aztec Suns Sharing
Global Architecture Project

Art Room Rules
Movie Making Project:  6th Grade 
Representative Weavings using found fibers: 6th Grade
Weaving image
Printmaking Project: 6th Grade
Print making
Abstract Linear Landscapes: 5th Grade
Linear Landscape image
Clay Tiles Project
Clay tile image
 Photo atkins
Tibetan Mandalas combine Math skills as well as Global studies
Mandala image
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