• Mind Mapping Tool

    This is a brainstorm bubble tool that allows you to create a mind map online. A free account will let you save up to 3 mind maps or you can create one you don't save with out making an account. Could be useful for group discussions. 
  • Popplet

    Mind Mapping tool. Free account allows you to save 5 mind maps. Will also let you export as a pdf or .jpg file.
    To give students accounts: 
     If your students do not have email addresses, it is possible to create the accounts with a "faux" email address. For this special circumstance, we suggest using the student's name and, for example "". 
  • Badge Maker

    Have your students make their own badge!
  • Story Starters

    Write and illustrate your own story with a given prompt.
  • Story Cube

    Analyze a story on a printable cube