Science Links - copy

Nature in Motion: Live Cameras From Around the World!

Simple Machine Lesson Plan

Ed Head Weather

BBC Bitesize Science Games

Rainforest Workshop

Student Society for Science

Think Green - Waste Managment

Animals Save the Planet Videos

Eeko World

Earth Day website with games

Eco Kids - Earth Day Games

Build Your Wild Self

Life Cycles

Life Cycles digital lesson

Encyclopedia of Life

Search science topics

Ed Head - The Simple Machine

Learn about simple and compound machines while you explore the House and Tool Shed! 

Ed Head - The Compound Machine

Learn how forces and simple machines can work together to create The Compound Machine!

Weather Bug

Enter 28806 choose Estes Elementary.
Got to Activities and choose Meteorologist of The Day

BBC Rocks and Soils

lets kids test out features of some rocks

BBC science for kids

science games for kids separated by age  group.

Cookie - Science lessons

games about animals, the human body, and transportation

KB Connect Science

lots of links to science games

Kids Know It

This site has some good science and nature games.

Kids National Geographic

This site has a bunch of games that are all science related.

Minerals for kids

Learn about minerals and their properties 

Rocks and Soils game

Kids save the world through learning about rocks and soils.

San Diego Zoo Kids

Science & animals!