What's Going On In Our Classroom

Last week we began a unit for Black History Month.  We are currently reading two books about Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad:  Escape North! The Story of Harriet Tubman, by Monica Kulling and Learning About Bravery from the Life of Harriet Tubman, by Kiki Mosher.  Students are enjoying learning about the courageous Harriet Tubman and what she did to help free slaves.  Students will be selecting a person to research for this unit.  They will present their person to their classmates and teach us what they've learned.  Olivia researched the singer Nina Simone and presented what she'd learned to our class.  She also brought in a song by Nina Simone and we all enjoyed being able to hear such a distinct voice.  Olivia also wrote a haiku and a tanka about Nina Simone:

Haiku                                                                         Tanka
Nina Simone was                                                         Songstress with a low
A great woman because                                               voice like night; telling about
She was a singer.                                                        what was cruel to blacks.
                                                                                She became a light.

    In Mrs. K's Guided Reading group, students read the story Fly Eagle, Fly!  In this story, an eagle is raised with chickens and is too fearful to be himself.  We discussed the importance of being yourself.  We also wrote poems, modeled from the poetry found in our text, about the things that make us individuals.  Here are some of those poems:

"Me" by Ethan P.                                                   
I think I will never see                                            
Another person just like me.                                    
Someone who has my color hair                               
And picks the kind of shoes I wear.                          

Someone who thinks the way I think                       
And someone who likes to wink.                             

Someone who likes to play Chess                            
And someone who's room is sometimes a mess.            

So many kinds of folks I see,                                                                           
But only one can be a me.

"Me" by Tiara

I think that I will never see
Another person just like me.

Who likes to clean everything,
And organize something.

Dana is my friend, my number one
When we're together, we have so much fun.

We go to the mall
And shop so much it makes us crawl!

We try on clothes,
So many, it makes us doze.

So many kinds of folks I see,
But only I can be a me!
"Me"  by Wesley
I think that I will never see
another person just like me.
Someone who likes to look at bones,
Someone who wants a cell phone.
Someone who likes Army jeeps, but not cats,
Someone who doesn't like to wear hats.
Someone who likes movies and video games,
And dirt bikes just the same.
So many kinds of folks I see,
But only I can be a me.
Last Modified on March 12, 2010