Notes for Parents

The following are suggestions on how you may assist your child with his/her homework and progress:
*Decoding unfamiliar words:
-examine illustrations for clues
-sound out letters
-tap out each sound with fingers or on arm
-skip word and read rest of the sentence, then brainstorm what would make sense
*Choosing a book on your child's level:
-five finger test:  Open a book to any page and have your child read the text aloud.  If he/she misses five or more words, then the book is too difficult.  If your child misses 1 word or masters all of the words, then the book is too simple.  Two to three errors on a page indicate an accurate level.
*Learning basic sight words:
-make flashcards
-have your child read road signs
-make a grocery list and have your child find specific items on the list
-have him/her write words in shaving cream
-give your child a mock spelling test
-provide manipulatives (ie. beans, noodles, cereal pieces, buttons, etc...)
-make a number line
-practice writing numbers in order
-board games
*Solving story problems:
-provide manipulatives
-act out story
-draw a picture
*Basic math facts:
-make flashcards
-play games with a timer (ie. how many facts given correctly in 2-3 minutes) 
-have your child draw a picture, then write sentences about it
-tear out a magazine picture and have your child write about what is happening in the picture
-keep a journal of fun experiences or family vacations
-write a letter to a friend or relative